Windmill Cat Hotel, Luxury Cattery

Windmill cat hotel is a luxury cattery in the shadows of Ballycopeland Windmill, Millisle

Purpose built cattery

Our cattery was purpose-built to comply with the highest standards in cattery accommodation and we feel that we now have one of the finest catteries in Northern Ireland, but don’t take our word for it; come and look for yourself!

Windmill Cat Hotel offers a total of nine cattery accommodation units including seven double rooms and two family rooms. Naturally, only cats which normally live together in the same house can be boarded together. There is an additional isolation unit should it be required.

Our double units can comfortably accommodate up to two cats and our family rooms are big enough for up to four cats living together. The double units have comfortable 16 square foot centrally heated sleeping areas with shelves looking out of shaped windows.

All units are fitted with full-height ‘sneeze barriers’ which allow cats in neighbouring units to see each other, but prevent them from coming into direct contact.

Each unit has its own individual 24 square foot exercise area which is equipped with scratching posts, shelving and a selection of complimentary toys.

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As you can see from the above images, the cattery itself has large sliding doors which we open when we can open to provide lots of fresh air, or close to keep out rain and wind.

Cattery Options

We provide a choice of bedding for your cat, but you can bring your own bedding if you prefer. In fact, we ask that you bring something familiar to put with your cat’s bedding such as an old blanket. The familiar scent will help your cat settle down in his temporary home. For that reason, please don’t wash the blanket before you bring it!

Complimentary Cat Toys - The toys that your cat will play with during their stay will be boxed away and kept for the next time they visit.

Individual tastes are catered for and regular meal times are adhered to! We have a wide selection of wet, dried and fresh food available.

Owners are most welcome to visit the cattery and inspect the premises before boarding their cats. We recommend that you book your cat in well in advance especially during public holidays.

  • Cattery designed to the highest standards
  • Individually heated accommodation
  • All cats are fully insured
  • 7 double cattery accommodation units
  • 2 family accommodation units
  • Cats have individual exercise runs
  • Choice of bedding for your cat
  • Complimentary toys provided
  • Scratching posts and shelving


Contact Windmill Cat Hotel - More than just a cattery

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our cattery, or with any reservation enquiries